About Page: Hank  600 words

My name is Hank. That’s my cooler alter ego above. I have set up this blog as a limited run kind of thing, just to keep a record of my thoughts and observations on our trip to Europe.

The wife and I have wanted to do this trip to Europe and the UK for a long time. I have a lot of family and friends who want updates about our trip, so I decided to set up this blog site and post blogs about the trip so that whoever is interested can just read my entries instead of me having to email everyone separately.

I think it’s a pretty great idea, and even though I don’t consider myself an award-winning writer, I can still just talk about what we’ve done and where we’ve been.

The purpose of this blog is just to communicate with the people who are interested in our travels. Anyone else who happens on this blog site is of course completely welcome, although I don’t expect anybody to be interested other than family and friends.

So this trip that the wife and I planned is pretty extensive. We are starting the travels in Great Britain, where we are renting a car and starting from the top of Britain and going down to the bottom. We are also going to take some ferries and go out to some of the outer islands like the Hebrides and the islands of Guernsey and Jersey.

Ever since the wife read that book The Potato Peel Pie Society, she has always wanted to visit the islands of Guernsey and Jersey.

After we spend a number of weeks in Britain, we will drive over to continental Europe. We have an itinerary but I don’t know how close we are going to follow it.

We have lined up a few places to stay, but who knows if we will actually stick to that schedule. We actually don’t have to be back at any particular time and we pretty much have enough cash to keep us going for as long as we want.

I’m thinking that there may be a couple of stops where we might even end up staying for a few weeks or longer. I guess it all depends on who we find and what sort of accommodations are available.

The wife and I have never been into five-star hotel-type accommodations. We’d much rather go the lower key route, staying in private homes and bed-and-breakfasts. We used to do a lot of hosteling, and I imagine we will also check into hostels on this trip.

Some of the hostels are pretty rudimentary. I don’t think we want to go completely minimal and bare-bones, but there are plenty of hostels that are simple and yet comfortable. So this trip has the potential of actually being four to six months long.

We’ve done this trip before but this time we’re adding some new territory that we’ve never visited before. We are going to go down to Greece, which will be new territory for us. And in the north we have never done Scandinavia or the islands I already mentioned off the coast of Scotland.

So we’ll just see where the road takes us. We have everything in order, including insurance coverage and arrangements with an international law firm, just in case we need the assistance of attorneys. We know that anything can happen when we’re out of the country and I wanted to have a set up with legal assistance ahead of time in case we need to draw on that when we are abroad.

Okay that’s all for now. Look for further updates here as we go.